Round 1

78 players came out for the season 9 opener! It was great fun to see so many new faces (we have 11 rookies this season) and to have a fun time playing pinball again. The big news for the season is that we now don’t use a random draw anymore. Instead, the setting on the MatchPlay software is “balanced”, which means that it tries to pair you with people that you have not previously played before during the season. In theory, you could play 30 different players (10 rounds x 3 players) during the season! Thanks to Andreas for implementing this in MP. I think it’ll make the league better.

I’m still working on the playoff format, but it’s coming together. For a sneak preview, go to the rules tab and scroll down.

If you are curious as to when pizza will be served, go to the schedule tab!

See you on Jan 25th!

My name is Peter Pan and when I grow up I will NEVER play other people’s extra balls…