2017 Spring Playoffs

Top 4 finishers of season 9. Josh 4th, Brian 3rd, Andrei 1st, Beer dude* 2nd. *AKA Aaron


This season’s playoff format was a hit both with the players and the organizer! The first phase was match play in groups of 4 (5 games), followed by head to head single elimination (best 2/3). 16 participants in A and B, while C-division played a 3 strikes knockout tournament with 18 players. For what may have been the first time in pinball history, we finished ahead of schedule!

Thanks to all the players, officials, game testers, AV Clubbers, and random pin heads who made this a super fun day! Congrats to all the plaque winners and special congrats to Andrei who defended his title as Grand Champion of the SFPD.

Top 4 in B-division. Darren 4th, Eric 3rd, Robin 2nd, Jay 1st. Go Canada Go!


Top 4 in C-division. Alex 2nd, Nate 1st, Tim 4th, Eddie 3rd. N8Ball for the win!


Rookie of the season trophy went to Jessica who defeated Tim on Harlem G.


Complete Results from playoffs


1,Andrei Massenkoff,53
2,Aaron Nelson,2922
3,Brian O’Neill,19301
4,Josh Lehan,536
5,Jaime Uziel,29804
6,Matt Willmarth,10662
7,Zac Wollons,21965
8,Mike Miller,26157
9,Allison O’Neill,19302
9,Ryan Blumenthal,19313
12,Ryan Wooley,25460
12,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
12,James Squires,10751
14,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
14,Tony Urso,22189
16,Gabe Da Silveira,18245



18,Jay Goldlist,22195
19,Robin Lassonde,25696
20,Eric Raymond,25457
21,Darren Ensley,12117
22,Tim Juchcinski,
23,Jeremy Herrman,22175
24,Chris Lindboe,12217
25,Andy Steinhauser,23707
29,Rob Coli,19300
29,Forrest McDonald,27246
29,Ellen Frankel,5233
29,Jeff Fehervari,15923
29,Shon Dolcini,15943
31,Maura Devereux,25487
31,John Lautmann,8856
33,Sammy Claiborn,25461



36,Nate Robinson,25465
37,Alex Pierson,17659
38,Eddie Codel,25476
40,Tim Harrison,8000
40,Kendra Zien,29914
42,Jason Rosenberg,29807
42,Bridget McCracken,33049
42,Richard Leavitt,15924
44,Dominic DiPalantino,30898
47,David Harju,
47,Jeremy Williams,14560
47,Russ Sweetser,19312
47,Chris Harkins,13274
51,Anish Adalja,22576
51,Jake Wrench,17631
51,Janis Koh,38700
53,Jessica Jordan Thompson,7702



















Jay: I heard you won Most Improved Player award this season. Matt: Dude, I feel so improved. I do wish I would have stayed around for the award ceremony though. Jay: Umm, yeah. I feel you bro. Steph: Who ARE these guys??