Pinball in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Jared, Alex, Andreas, Jeremy

This tournament was a benefit for Hurricane Harvey victims. Together we raised $350 that will be sent to the American Red Cross. Thanks everybody who showed up! Special thanks for the donations from people who couldn’t come.

We had a lot of fun with this knockout tournament. Progressive strikes meant that every ball was important! We played 13 rounds in under 4 hours, and the main reason for the speedy conclusion was that we used Solid State and EM’s exclusively.

First place won $40, second $30, third $20, and fourth $10.


1,Alex Pierson,17659
2,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
3,Jeremy Williams,14560
4,Jared Garvey ,35784
5,Derek Lipkin ,33048
6,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
7,Matthew Henri,16767
8,Maura Devereux,25487
9,Brian Hoffman,
10,Nate Robinson,25465
10,Peter Williams US,25494
12,Patrick Hoffman,
13,Tim Juchcinski,11613
14,Rob Coli,19300
16,Tim Showalter,
16,Elisabeth Kohnke,
16,Zac Wollons,21965
18,Christian Gainsley,
Derek has 100% focus!


Alex during the final game on Surf Champ. Mr. Double Lazarus!


Andreas in the finals.


You gotta start early!


Jeremy showing how it’s done on Pinball Pool.


Andreas and Cindy sharing a moment.