Allison wins league!

Allison O’Neill, winner of the 2017 Fall league. She has now won A, B, and C division! 


The 2017 Fall league playoffs were held at FGW on Sunday, 12/3. Three different divisions were held at the same time, and the championship match went the full distance with lots of drama.


Results from C-division

  1. Emily Guzzardi
  2. Richard Leavitt
  3. Christian Gainsley
  4. Genele Egea


Results from B-division

  1. Jaime Uziel
  2. Rob Coli
  3. Mickey Thoms
  4. Matt Henri


Results from A-division

  1. Allison O’Neill
  2. Andrei Massenkoff
  3. Mike Miller
  4. Darren Ensley


C-division top 4.


B-division top 4.


A-division top 4.