Doodle Bug & Friends

Top 8. Tim, Shon, TJ, Derek, Andrei, Eric, Nic, Per.

On Saturday, April 24th, 29 players gathered to play Doodle Bug and other fun games from the 70’s and 80’s. After 9 rounds of qualifying, 12 players had emerged to make up the playoff field. The top 4 qualifiers received a bye round and were safely in the top 8.

Thanks to all participants for coming to play, and special thanks to Derek & Eric for great officiating!


Per vs Shon 0-2

Derek vs Tim 0-2

Nic vs Andrei 0-2

TJ vs Eric 2-1



Andrei vs Shon 2-0

TJ vs Tim 0-2



Andrei vs Tim 2-0


Final Standings

1,Andrei Massenkoff,53
2,Tim Juchcinski,11613
3,TJ Beyer
4,Shon Dolcini,15943
5,Nic Stein
6,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
7,Derek Lipkin ,33048
8,Eric Wagensonner,8855
10,Robin Lassonde ,25696
10,Janel Valdez,45062
10,Ryan Odonnell CA,47679
10,Jonathan Bair,20259

13,Leslie Ruckman,47411
14,Louise Wagensonner,19305
15,Roland Nadeau,49650
16,Ellen Frankel,5233
17,Jared Garvey ,35784
18,Michael Knight CA
19,Das DAmico,39717
20,Dominic DiPalantino ,30898
21,Echa Schneider,13275
22,Mathew Peterson,15407
23,Chris Heilig,8307
24,Steve Dupree
25,Jeremy Herrman,22175
26,Adrian Myers ,29814
27,Jeannie Rodriguez
28,Maura Devereux,25487
29,Lisa Ramon ,26698