Round 10

The final regular season round came with pouring rain and 60 eager members vying for playoff spots. For the first time (but not the last!) we drew the playoff machines randomly, and it seemed like it was a success.

Most points for the night was gained by Daylene, Gabe, Brian O., and Per, who each tallied 31 points.

Playoffs will be held on Sunday, December 2nd. Check in by 11:45 AM! (Bye rounders by 1:45 PM.)

Playoffs Game List 
A: Paragon, King Pin, Lady Luck, Taxi//Monster Bash, CFTBL, Dirty Harry, Twilight Zone//Wheel of Fortune, Iron Man, Pirates (JJP), Ghostbusters.

B: Snow Derby, Eight Ball Deluxe, Fathom//Fish Tales, Indy Jones, AFM, Tales of the Arabian Nights//Houdini, Iron Maiden, Batman 66.

C: Laser Cue, Royal Flush, Fire Ball//Would Cup Soccer, Theatre of Magic, Medieval Madness, Addams Family//Dialed In, Wizard of Oz, Total Nuclear Annihilation.


2018 Fall SFPD playoff contestants

1 Andrei Jeremy W Maura
2 Brian O Carlo Richard
3 Zac W Matt H Walter
4 Per Ryan B Matt T
5 Jaime Daylene James
6 Rob Jeff Kristin
7 Josh Eddie Ellen
8 Gabe Kevin Shon
9 Louise Janel Bridget
10 Tony Mickey Lisa
11 Allison Shannon Scott
12 Eric W Gene X Jessica JT
13 Derek Nate Tim J
14 Das Brian H Genele
15 Matt W Chris He Helene
16 Sammy Anish Janis
17 Alex Terri Lynn Fish
18 Darren Jake Emily
19 Aaron Chris L Kendra
20 Chris Ha Mikey Lee
21 Russ Karen
22 Andreas Eli
23 Zack D Leann
24 Ryan W Susy
25 Jack
26 Jessica R
27 M.E.
28 Tim H
29 Carrie
30 Stephanie



Can’t make it: Andy, Jeremy H, Forrest

Ineligible for C:  Anyone who hasn’t attended 6 meetings.