Season 12 Playoffs (Fall 2018)

Il Campione! Local boy wins again!


Season 12 culminated on a sunny Sunday in December. 54 players had gathered to compete for a trophy, plaques, and eternal glory. A-division had 24 player for the first time, while B-division had 14 players. C-division, not to be outdone, had 16 participants. Thank you to all SFPD members, operators, and FGW staff for this season. You rock!


A-division top 4. Eric, Zac, Andrei, & Tony.


A-division results

1,Andrei Massenkoff,53
2,Tony Urso,22189
3,Zac Wollons,21965
4,Eric Wagensonner,8855
5,Brian O’Neill,19301
6,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
7,Gabe Da Silveira,18245
8,Allison O’Neill,19302
12,Jeremy Williams,14560
12,Louise Wagensonner,19305
12,Derek Lipkin,33048
12,Jaime Uziel,29804
12,Darren Ensley,12117
12,Josh Lehan,536
12,Das Damico,39717
12,Rob Coli,19300

17,Alex Pierson,17659
18,Russ Sweetser,19312
20,Zack Desario,44053
20,Matt Willmarth,10662
20,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
22,Ryan Wooley,25460
23,Sammy Claiborn,25461
23,Chris Harkins,13274

B-Division top 4. Gene, Kevin, Ryan B., and Mickey. Ryan is loving life.


B-Division results

1,Gene X Hwang,13052
2,Ryan Blumenthal,19313
3,Mickey Thoms,19307

4,Kevin Montgomery,25464
5,Matthew Henri,16767

6,Eddie Codel,25476
7,Janel Valdez,45062
9,Shannon Sweetser,38690
9,Carlo Vernale,33060
9,Daylene Langum,45061
9,Jake Wrench,17631
12,Anish Adalja,22576
13,Terri Lynn Delk,41210
14,Nate Robinson,25465


C-Division top 3. James, Ellen, & Helene. (Tim J. came in 4th but had to leave before the awards were handed out.)


C-Division results

1,Ellen Frankel,5233
2,James Squires,10751
3,Helene Grotans,25462
4,Tim Juchcinski,11613
6,Matthew Talley,20166
7,Maura Devereux,25487
8,Jessica Jordan Thompson,7702
9,M.E Francis,44061
10,Mikey Lee Barton,33052
10,Lisa Ramon,26698
13,Shon Dolcini,15943
13,Bridget McCracken,33049
13,Kendra Zien,29914
13,Genele Egea,38597
16,Janis Koh,38700


Jake was the Most Improved Player of the season.


Janel won rookie of the season after beating her nemesis Daylene on Snow Derby.


Andrei put up a cool 28 million on ball 1 on Iron Man. Tough to beat! What’s his secret?


Aha! The magic juice. (And it’s the Choice of a New Generation.)


Matt & Darren. Homies 4 lyfe.


Ellen killing it on MM.


Just chilling at the change machine.


Zac’s racking up JP’s.




It. Finally. Happened.


E-Wag was in the zone.


Golden Girls?