This is the old, archived SFPD website. Go check out the new website instead:

What is the purpose of the SFPD?

  • We want to play pinball in San Francisco.
  • We want to meet old and new friends.
  • We want to compete against each other for fun, fame and glory.
  • We want to promote pinball in the City.
  • We want to have a good, if not great time when we meet.

So, how does it work?

  • We're open to anyone who enjoys playing pinball in an atmosphere of friendly competition. New as of 4/4/14: We are already at capacity as far as members go. However, you are welcome to play as a guest on a per night basis for $10/round. If you would like to join the SFPD, I can put you on the waiting list. If a current member decides to leave after the present season, their spot will be filled with people from the waiting list. To get on the list, click on the contact link at the bottom of the page and send me an email with your contact information. As of 7/22/14, there are 25 people on the list.

  • The 2014 Fall season is scheduled to start on July 30th.

  • Our main place to play is at FreeGoldWatch on 1767 Waller St, but variations may occur.
  • The season consists of 10 regular season meetings + playoffs.

  • As a rule, we meet every other week, but sometimes we bend the rules, so check the schedule!

  • We play 2 seasons per year, Spring and Fall.

  • Players earn points on a set scale. See the Rules tab.

  • The top 48 players with the most points at the end of the regular season will qualify for the playoffs.

  • The playoffs will take place during May for the spring season and December for the fall season.

  • In order to participate, players pay $20/season. Occasional visitors may join on a per-night basis for $10. The money will go to buy trophies, pizza, etc.