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Season schedule

Please be checked in and ready to play at the time posted below. 

2014 Fall league

Rd 1. Wednesday, July 30th, 7:30PM at FGW, 2014 Fall league premiere!

Rd 2. Wednesday, August 6th, 7:30PM at FGW (Yup, only 1 week between rd 1 & rd 2!)

Rd 3. Wednesday, August 20th, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 4. Wednesday, September 3rd, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 5. Wednesday, September 17th, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 6. Wednesday, October 1st, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 7. Wednesday, October 15th, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 8. Wednesday, October 29th, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 9. Wednesday, November 12th, 7:30PM at FGW

Rd 10. Wednesday, November 26th, 7:30PM at FGW

Playoffs. Sunday, December 7th, 2PM at FGW. 

Note: This schedule could change, so check this page before every meeting to make sure you will go to the right place at the right time.

Current lineup at FGW

The lineup changes frequently, so go to the pinball map for the most accurate information.