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Upcoming Pinball Events

  • Wednesday, July 23rd, 7PM, Two Hearts Are Better Than One @ FGW. Team up with a friend and compete in this split flipper extravaganza! If you don't have a friend, come anyway and we'll find one or two for you! Format: 4 strikes KO Swiss. Matches will be best of 1. Cost to enter: $20/team. Cash prizes to the top four teams (40%-25%-20%-15%). Half of the entry fees from the tournament will be donated to Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco. If you are thinking of adopting a pet, please have a look at their website. No wppr points, but twice the fun and you're helping dogs.

  • Wednesday, July 30th, 7:30PM at FGW, 2014 Fall league premiere!

  • Tuesday, August 5th, 7PM. Gestalt Periodic #2 at Gestalt Haus, SF. Format: Time Attack -highest scores in 3 minutes. Doors open at noon, register at 7PM, starts at 7:30PM. $5 entry plus coin drop. Prizes 1st:50%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 10%, plus drink coupon. 1/4 wppr value.

  • Monday, August 18th, 7PM. Hi-Life tournament presented by Echa, 1/4 wppr value.

  • Monday, September 15th, 7PM. Hi-Life tournament presented by Echa. No wpprs

  • Sunday, December 7th, 2PM at FGW. SFPD Playoffs!

  • Sunday, December 14th, 1PM @ FGW, City Champ III. Full wppr value.


Can't get enough pinball?

The other Bay Area leagues are:

Bay Area Pinball Association, BAPA

Capitol Corridor Pinball League, CCPL

East Bay Pinball League, EBPL

Belles & Chimes. An Oakland league for women only.

To learn more about the international pinball community, and to check your world ranking, go to IFPA's website!

Another main source of tutorials, rule sheets, and more is PAPA.

Where are the pins in the Bay Area? Check out the Pin Map!

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