S13, Round 6

64 players came out, including an old friend of the league, Garrett, who used to be a member in the early days.

As the evening ended, a quartet of players had scored a very respectable 31 point. They were Mike M, Tony, Chris He, and Mr. Top of the Standings, Zac.

Next round will be on April 3rd.

FGW’s new wireless speaker system. Comes in orange only.

Street Level – No Ramps

It was a beautiful St Patrick’s Day in San Francisco. Instead of the usual revelry, 31 brave souls sought out the pinball sanctuary located in the Haight, a.k.a. FreeGoldWatch.

Brian, Zac, Nic, & Ryan made up the top 4 finishers. Well played!

8 Rounds of qualifying later, 8 players duked it out in a head to head bracket playoffs.

Thanks to all for coming out and making this a fun event!

Full results:

1,Nic Stein,53282
2,Ryan Odonnell CA,47679
3,Brian O’Neill,19301
4,Zac Wollons,21965

5,Luke Baxter,48658
6,Steve Stein,60016
7,Roland Nadeau,49650
8,Per Schwarzenberger,12220

9,Jared Garvey ,35784
10,Allison O’Neill,19302
11,Ryan Wooley,25460
12,Jaime Uziel ,29804
13,Louise Wagensonner,19305
14,Derek Lipkin ,33048
15,Nate Robinson,25465
16,Leslie Ruckman,47411
17,Joe Foiret,60015
17,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
19,Nick Yahnke,44733
20,Phil Hellsten,39383
21,Jeannie Rodriguez,8309
22,Das DAmico,39717
23,Matthew Henri,16767
24,Elliot Taylor,40773
25,Rick Deml,63010
26,Gilbert Amar,62268
27,Peter Soriano,41564
28,Aaron F. Taylor,40767
29,Tim Juchcinski,11613
30,Mike Villarreal,30082
31,Maura Devereux,25487

S13, Round 5

We’re at the halfway mark already! Wow, that was fast.

75 players, including 4 guests showed up on a rainy night. Our resident statistician, Derek, (of Derek’s Corner fame) managed to get his first perfect 35-point night. Well done!
Closely thereafter followed guest player Gilbert with 33 points, and Nateball Deluxe at 32. Sammy came oh so close to the coveted 35, but was stumped by Anish and Maura on Royal Flush, which was their group’s last game of the evening.

Jeremy Williams’ latest contribution to the pinball world. A custom made topper for his Ghostbusters game. It shows the movie on a loop. Wonderful!

Listen… do you smell something?

See you on March 20th for round 6!

And don’t forget about Street Level – No Ramps at 1 PM on Sunday, March 17th at FGW. Open for all! Registration opens at 12:30 PM.

S13, Round 4

No fewer than 76 players came out for some fun league times. 4 players flirted with a perfect night, only to fall 2 points short. They were: Zac W., Gabe, James, and Per.

Notable is also that Anish tallied his 4th straight 17-point night. Way to keep it consistent.

Reminder to all that drinks in the back fridge are personal and not communal, unless you participate in the sharing system.

See you on March 6th!

S 13, Round 3

70 People (3 guests) braved the pouring rain to play pinball. It was a special night in the sense that we saw 2 perfect rounds of 35 points! Veteran Andreas, and rookie Roland were the culprits. Well Done!

See you on February 20th for round 4!

S13, Round 2

75 Players, including 10 guests came to play pinball on a star studded night in San Francisco.

Jeff managed to pull off a perfect night with 35 points. Well done! Matt T. and Per were close behind with 31 points each.

Round 3 will be played on February 13th!

Season 13, Round 1

85 members strong!

We’re back. With new things to hang on the walls and around necks, the SFPD is still going strong!

Round 1 saw one perfect score by Das, followed by a quartet of players with 33 points, namely Gene X, Tony, Gabe, and Brian O.

See you on Wednesday, January 30th for round 2!

Season 12 Playoffs (Fall 2018)

Il Campione! Local boy wins again!


Season 12 culminated on a sunny Sunday in December. 54 players had gathered to compete for a trophy, plaques, and eternal glory. A-division had 24 player for the first time, while B-division had 14 players. C-division, not to be outdone, had 16 participants. Thank you to all SFPD members, operators, and FGW staff for this season. You rock!


A-division top 4. Eric, Zac, Andrei, & Tony.


A-division results

1,Andrei Massenkoff,53
2,Tony Urso,22189
3,Zac Wollons,21965
4,Eric Wagensonner,8855
5,Brian O’Neill,19301
6,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
7,Gabe Da Silveira,18245
8,Allison O’Neill,19302
12,Jeremy Williams,14560
12,Louise Wagensonner,19305
12,Derek Lipkin,33048
12,Jaime Uziel,29804
12,Darren Ensley,12117
12,Josh Lehan,536
12,Das Damico,39717
12,Rob Coli,19300

17,Alex Pierson,17659
18,Russ Sweetser,19312
20,Zack Desario,44053
20,Matt Willmarth,10662
20,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
22,Ryan Wooley,25460
23,Sammy Claiborn,25461
23,Chris Harkins,13274

B-Division top 4. Gene, Kevin, Ryan B., and Mickey. Ryan is loving life.


B-Division results

1,Gene X Hwang,13052
2,Ryan Blumenthal,19313
3,Mickey Thoms,19307

4,Kevin Montgomery,25464
5,Matthew Henri,16767

6,Eddie Codel,25476
7,Janel Valdez,45062
9,Shannon Sweetser,38690
9,Carlo Vernale,33060
9,Daylene Langum,45061
9,Jake Wrench,17631
12,Anish Adalja,22576
13,Terri Lynn Delk,41210
14,Nate Robinson,25465


C-Division top 3. James, Ellen, & Helene. (Tim J. came in 4th but had to leave before the awards were handed out.)


C-Division results

1,Ellen Frankel,5233
2,James Squires,10751
3,Helene Grotans,25462
4,Tim Juchcinski,11613
6,Matthew Talley,20166
7,Maura Devereux,25487
8,Jessica Jordan Thompson,7702
9,M.E Francis,44061
10,Mikey Lee Barton,33052
10,Lisa Ramon,26698
13,Shon Dolcini,15943
13,Bridget McCracken,33049
13,Kendra Zien,29914
13,Genele Egea,38597
16,Janis Koh,38700


Jake was the Most Improved Player of the season.


Janel won rookie of the season after beating her nemesis Daylene on Snow Derby.


Andrei put up a cool 28 million on ball 1 on Iron Man. Tough to beat! What’s his secret?


Aha! The magic juice. (And it’s the Choice of a New Generation.)


Matt & Darren. Homies 4 lyfe.


Ellen killing it on MM.


Just chilling at the change machine.


Zac’s racking up JP’s.




It. Finally. Happened.


E-Wag was in the zone.


Golden Girls? 



Round 10

The final regular season round came with pouring rain and 60 eager members vying for playoff spots. For the first time (but not the last!) we drew the playoff machines randomly, and it seemed like it was a success.

Most points for the night was gained by Daylene, Gabe, Brian O., and Per, who each tallied 31 points.

Playoffs will be held on Sunday, December 2nd. Check in by 11:45 AM! (Bye rounders by 1:45 PM.)

Playoffs Game List 
A: Paragon, King Pin, Lady Luck, Taxi//Monster Bash, CFTBL, Dirty Harry, Twilight Zone//Wheel of Fortune, Iron Man, Pirates (JJP), Ghostbusters.

B: Snow Derby, Eight Ball Deluxe, Fathom//Fish Tales, Indy Jones, AFM, Tales of the Arabian Nights//Houdini, Iron Maiden, Batman 66.

C: Laser Cue, Royal Flush, Fire Ball//Would Cup Soccer, Theatre of Magic, Medieval Madness, Addams Family//Dialed In, Wizard of Oz, Total Nuclear Annihilation.


2018 Fall SFPD playoff contestants

1 Andrei Jeremy W Maura
2 Brian O Carlo Richard
3 Zac W Matt H Walter
4 Per Ryan B Matt T
5 Jaime Daylene James
6 Rob Jeff Kristin
7 Josh Eddie Ellen
8 Gabe Kevin Shon
9 Louise Janel Bridget
10 Tony Mickey Lisa
11 Allison Shannon Scott
12 Eric W Gene X Jessica JT
13 Derek Nate Tim J
14 Das Brian H Genele
15 Matt W Chris He Helene
16 Sammy Anish Janis
17 Alex Terri Lynn Fish
18 Darren Jake Emily
19 Aaron Chris L Kendra
20 Chris Ha Mikey Lee
21 Russ Karen
22 Andreas Eli
23 Zack D Leann
24 Ryan W Susy
25 Jack
26 Jessica R
27 M.E.
28 Tim H
29 Carrie
30 Stephanie



Can’t make it: Andy, Jeremy H, Forrest

Ineligible for C:  Anyone who hasn’t attended 6 meetings.



2019 Spring League Dates

Rd 1. Jan 16th Jan 23rd– Members only & Pizza

Rd 2. Jan 30th (b2b)

Rd 3. Feb 13th – Pizza

Rd 4. Feb 20th (b2b)

Rd 5. Mar 6th – Pizza

Rd 6. Mar 20th

Rd 7. Apr 3rd – Pizza

Rd 8. Apr 10th (b2b)

Rd 9. Apr 24th

Rd 10. May 8th – Members only & Pizza

Playoffs: Saturday, May 11th. (STILL NEEDS TO BE CONFIRMED) – Pizza