2019 Spring League Dates

Rd 1. Jan 16th – Members only & Pizza

Rd 2. Jan 30th

Rd 3. Feb 13th – Pizza

Rd 4. Feb 20th (b2b)

Rd 5. Mar 6th – Pizza

Rd 6. Mar 20th

Rd 7. Apr 3rd – Pizza

Rd 8. Apr 10th (b2b)

Rd 9. Apr 24th

Rd 10. May 8th – Members only & Pizza

Playoffs: Saturday, May 11th. (STILL NEEDS TO BE CONFIRMED) – Pizza

Round 9

While wildfires were sweeping across both northern and southern California, creating a smoky City by the Bay, 66 players showed up at FGW. When some of the smoke had cleared, Andrei (again!) had bested everybody, and finished with 33 points. Per had 32, followed by Allison, Josh, and Rob with 31 points.

Andrei took a commanding lead in the standings, followed by Brian O., and Zac.

Remember to pay your league dues no later than November 28th!


Ye Olde Pinball Tournament

28 players showed up for a tournament that was played using only solid state and electro mechanical machines. 8 rounds of qualifying in groups of 4 ppl, was followed by playoffs for the top 8. Thanks to everyone who came to play, and special thanks to the officials: Brian, Derek, & Robin.

Final Four! Ryan, Derek, Gilbert, Nate



Full results:

1,Ryan Odonnell CA,47679
2,Derek Lipkin ,33048
3,Gilbert Amar,62268
4,Nate Robinson,25465
5,Ellen Frankel,5233
6,Brian O’Neill,19301
7,Luke Baxter,48658
8,Jeannie Rodriguez

9,Louise Wagensonner,19305
10,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
11,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
12,Robin Lassonde ,25696
13,Leslie Ruckman,47411
14,Joe Foiret,60015
15,Russ Sweetser,19312
15,Nic Stein
17,Steve Stein,60016
18,Jaime Uziel ,29804
19,Allison O’Neill,19302
20,Maura Devereux,25487
21,Das DAmico,39717
22,Rob Coli,19300
23,Shannon Sweetser,38690
24,Jay Goldlist,22195
25,Lisa Ramon ,26698
26,Justin Guevara
27,Janel Valdez,45062
28,Marie Owens


Round 8 – Halloween!

Evel like Knievel!


75 players showed up to party and play pinball. Special thanks to all of you who showed up in costume to make this night extra fun!

While nobody had a perfect round, Andrei topped the list with a 33 point night. Ellen, Darren, & Mickey followed close by with 31 points. Congrats!








Robin and her Batmen


Who was that neat looking guy??






Happy Birthday Allison!










-Would thee accompany me on my schooner, fairrrrr lady?

-Well, that all depends. Does it come with a gym?


Round 7

72 players, including 6 guests came to play round 7. High rollers were Tony and Matt W. who both had 33’s, followed by Sammy and Brian O., who tallied 31’s. Brian O. has now taken the co-lead in the standings together with Zac W.

See you on Halloween for round 8!

Round 6

66 players showed up for round 6 on a balmy night in SF. No less than 3 perfect rounds were recorded! The guilty party were: Zac W., Darren, & Rob. Well done!

I won’t be there for round 7, but Andreas and Russ will fill in as per usual.

Round 5

70 players showed up to play, including 5 guest players. Jaime performed admirably and had himself a perfect night with 35 points! Zac W. followed closely behind with 33 point, which propelled him to second place in the standings after Andrei.

See you on October 3rd!

Round 4

70 players showed up for round 4. Aaron “The Machine” Nelson’s round will go down as one of the more impressive feats in league history. Crushing the competition, he put up big scores on all 5 games to earn himself a perfect 35 point round. Well done!

Next round will be played September 19th.

Round 3

74 Players showed up for round 3 of the Fall season. Ryan B. posted a perfect round of 35, and jumped up to number 7 in the standings. Derek and Aaron were close behind with 33 point nights. Former champ Allison pulled off a 32-pointer, and The Return of the Bromley had 31 points.

See you on September 5th!

Round 2

83 players showed up for round 2 (74 members + 9 guests), which was tied for the record for most players in a round. 3 players finished with 33’s, Matt H., Josh, and Per. Andrei was not far behind with a 32 point night. He also trails Alex in the total standings. As you may remember, the two of them duked it out in last season’s finals.

After league play, it was time for the latest rage in pinball – STALL BALL! A conga line of 25+ people took turns playing The Addams Family, and in the end one winner took home the whole prize pot (where every player had chipped in their dollar).

Remember, round 3 is already next week, on August 22nd! See ya’ll then.




The Stall Ball line.