The 2018 Winter Series Results

On a moonlit night in Gotham City, 8 major villains gathered to battle it out for the Winter Series Trophy. The format was head to head, best 2/3. Mainly 80’s Solid State machines were used, which definitely made the contest fast and furious.

Quarter finals

Per vs Jack 2-1

Rob vs Derek 0-2

Andrei vs Zac 2-0

Andreas vs Roland 2-0


Semi finals

Per vs Andreas 2-0

Andrei vs Derek 0-2



Per vs Derek 2-0

Final Standings

1,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
2,Derek Lipkin ,33048
3,Andrei Massenkoff,53
4,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
5,Rob Coli,19300
6,Jack Olson
7,Roland Nadeau,49650
8,Zac Wollons,21965

9,Jared Garvey
10,Kevin Montgomery,25464
11,Greg Creech,
11,Maura Devereux,25487
14,Mike Villarreal,30082
14,Genele Egea,38597
14,Eddie Codel,25476
16,John Cena,
17,Patrick Hafner,
18,Cassie Barnes,57363


Thanks to all participants for supporting the tournament series!

Round 2 – Happy 100!

66 players showed up to celebrate the 100th regular season round of the SFPD! Newcomer Zack D. and veteran Andrei both posted 33 points for the night.

Thanks to every member, former member, and guests, who have helped to support this league for over 5 years!


Let them eat cake!


Mr. MatchPlay – Andreas!





Emily and Jeremy bringing in the cakes.


Season Opener!


‘Twas a great season opener last night. 73 members including all 8 rookies showed up to play!

While nobody had a perfect round, it was interesting to see last season’s two finalists Allison & Andrei both having round high scores of 33 each!





So. Many. Name tags. Janis’s wish comes true!

Allison wins league!

Allison O’Neill, winner of the 2017 Fall league. She has now won A, B, and C division! 


The 2017 Fall league playoffs were held at FGW on Sunday, 12/3. Three different divisions were held at the same time, and the championship match went the full distance with lots of drama.


Results from C-division

  1. Emily Guzzardi
  2. Richard Leavitt
  3. Christian Gainsley
  4. Genele Egea


Results from B-division

  1. Jaime Uziel
  2. Rob Coli
  3. Mickey Thoms
  4. Matt Henri


Results from A-division

  1. Allison O’Neill
  2. Andrei Massenkoff
  3. Mike Miller
  4. Darren Ensley


C-division top 4.


B-division top 4.


A-division top 4.

Round 10

Season 10 – Round 10! Our 98th regular season meeting brought in 71 members and it was an exciting round at that. Aaron needed his last ball of the regular season to get into A-playoffs, and managed to scrape enough points together to get in. Good job especially considering he only played 7 rounds.

Gabe is our regular season champ with 240 points, an average of 30 points/round. Impressive! He’ll go into the playoffs as the top seed.

Brian O had the only perfect round on the night and is definitely one of the top contenders for the trophy.

Players need to be checked in no later than 11:45 on Sunday. Doors open at 11 for practice on tournament games.

Round 9

62 members and 1 guest showed up for the penultimate round of the regular season. Our very own favorite judge, Darren, pulled off a perfect 35 and with that has entered in playoff contention. It’ll be an exciting last round on November 29th!

Who says you can’t sit on the games?


This one’s even more comfy!


Daddy Richard is in control. Or he wish he was.

NorCal Solid State is a hit!

26 players showed up for the first (of hopefully many) NorCal Solid State. We played only Solid States (and 1 EM…) machines and the competition lasted 13 rounds/4 hours. Echa Schneider came over from Oakland and totally killed it! After 13 rounds, she had only accumulated 6 strikes, which was way ahead of the competition. Congrats Echa!

Thanks to all participants for coming out, and extra special thanks to the officials, Andreas and Brian for doing such a great job making sure the rules were followed.

Echa won cash and a very cool shirt from FreeGoldWatch!


Top 8 finishers. Brian, Allison, Echa, Ryan, Simon, Andreas, Per. (Tony had to leave early.)


Damien is trying his luck on Taxi.


Final Standings:

1,Echa Schneider,13275
2,Ryan Wooley,25460
3,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
4,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
5,Allison O’Neill,19302
6,Simon Bazan,22886
7,Tony Levigna,
8,Brian O’Neill,19301
11,Robert Whittingslow,30589
11,Damien Charléty,10742
11,Maura Devereux,25487
11,Trina Wheatley,
11,Jonathan Bair,20259
11,David Desalvo,
15,Shon Dolcini,15943
15,Dominic DiPalantino ,30898
18,Xavier Marin,43909
18,Mike Villarreal,30082
18,Tim Juchcinski,11613
18,Zack Desario,44053
21,Janel Valdez,45062
22,Matthew Henri,16767
23,Evan Ponchick,
24,Matthew Talley,20166
25,Julie Driscoll,
26,Jaden Lavigna,


Round 8 – Halloween!

On Halloween round, it is customary for members to come in costume (well, for some at least) and this year was no exception. Check out the great pinball related costumes in Gene’s pictures!

We had 3 players with perfect 35’s for the evening: Aaron, Josh, and Zac.



Gopher and golfer!


Jurassic Parkas!




Ms Centaur


‘Tis Wednesday!


Dog days.


In the hands of Bob Matthews.


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


Another game 7.


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8


San Francisco Pinball Dept. Fall 2017 Season, Rd. 8







Round 7

71 Players showed up for round 7, and after a tough battle, Rob Coli had collected most points of all: 33! Gene X came close with 32, followed by Alex and Jeff F at 31.