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Upcoming SFPD pinball events

Nor Cal Solid State November 5th, @2 PMĀ at Free Gold Watch. A knockout tournament in group format using only Solid State and EM machines. Players will be put in groups of 3 or 4 players. New groups will be drawn before each round, so you’ll get to play with a lot of different people. The winner of a game gets 0 strikes, the runner up gets 1 strike, 3rd place gets 2 strikes, and 4th place gets 3 strikes. When a player reaches 11 strikes for the tournament, they are out! This way, everyone is guaranteed at least 4 rounds of play. Each round will take approximately 15-20 minutes to play, so we should finish up around 6 PM.

Cash prizes to the top 8!

Cost to enter: $10

Register from 1:30 PM.

Wpprs: Yes! We should grade out somewhere around 96-100%


Thursdays at The Myriad – My So Called 90’s Pinball Tournament, hosted by Russ and Shannon, these are very casual, fun tournaments starting at 7:30 PM. 2175 Market St, San Francisco. Beginner friendly!


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Other Bay Area Leagues

Bay Area Pinball Association, BAPA

Capitol Corridor Pinball League, CCPL

East Bay Pinball League, EBP

Belles & Chimes. An Oakland league for women only.

More pinball

To learn more about the international pinball community, and to check your world ranking, go to IFPA’s website!

Another main source of tutorials, rule sheets, and more is PAPA.

Where are the pins in the Bay Area? Check out the Pin Map!