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Upcoming SFPD pinball events

  • The Winter Series. The series consists of 3 qualifying rounds followed by playoffs. Each qualifying round will award 100 points to the winner, 97 to the runner up, 95 to the 3rd place finisher, 94 for 4th place, etc. The top 12 finishers (with at least 24 players) (counting the best 2 out of 3 qualifying rounds) will advance to the playoffs. The top 4 qualifiers will get a bye round in the playoffs. For example, if person A participates in all 3 qualifying rounds with scores of: 75, 97, 86, their score will be (97+86) 183, since only the 2 best scores are counted.

Format: Each qualifying round will be played as match play. (And we will use MatchPlay software to run the tournament on.) Players will be drawn into groups of 4 or 3 players and play 1 designated machine. The winner gets 7 points, runner up 5 points, 3rd place gets 3 points, and the last place finisher gets 1 point. We will play 5 rounds in each qualifier. The last round will hopefully end no later than 10:15 PM. At least that’s the goal.

Playoff format: Single elimination bracket “slaughter style”. Head to head, best 2 out of 3. Highest seed has the first game/play order choice. The loser of subsequent games has the same choice. Players can not pick a game that is busy with another match unless that match is on their last ball.

Where: The Myriad, 2175 Market Street, and FreeGoldWatch, 1767 Waller St. in SF.

When: 3 Qualifying rounds on:

  • Thursday January 18th at The Myriad
  • Monday, January 29th at FGW
  • Thursday, February 1st at The Myriad


  • Playoffs on Monday, February 12th at FGW.
  • Every round will start at 7:30 PM sharp. Registration opens at 7 PM.

Entry fee: $5 each round, including playoffs.

Ties: We will not play out ties in each individual tournament. Should there be a tie to get into the playoffs, it will be broken by

1) Highest score from an individual tournament

2) Total score from all 3 rounds of qualifying.

3) Head to head match on 1 randomly chosen machine.

Prizes & Payouts: The winner of each individual qualifier will win $10, the runner up gets $5. The winner of the Summer Series will win a handsome trophy and cash!

Wpprs: Yes!

Payouts for the top 12: % is from remaining prize pool. All entry fees will be paid out in cash to the players minus cost for winner’s trophy. The Tournament Director will receive complementary entries for organizing the series.

1st – 25%

2nd – 20%

3rd – 15%

4th – 10%

5th – 8%

6th – 7%

7th – 6%

8th – 5%

9-12th 1%

Thursdays at The Myriad – My So Called 90’s Pinball Tournament, hosted by Russ and Shannon, these are very casual, fun tournaments starting at 7:30 PM. 2175 Market St, San Francisco. Beginner friendly!


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Other Bay Area Leagues

Bay Area Pinball Association, BAPA

Capitol Corridor Pinball League, CCPL

East Bay Pinball League, EBP

Belles & Chimes. An Oakland league for women only.

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