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Upcoming SFPD pinball events

Doodle Bug & Friends, Saturday, March 24th, at FGW, at 2 PM.

To celebrate the 1971 masterpiece Doodlebug, we are playing a tournament with only machines from the 70’s and 80’s.

Probable lineup may include, but not be limited to: Nine Ball, Paragon, Frontier, Eight Ball Deluxe, Harlem Globetrotters, Doodle Bug, Flight 2000, Fathom, Meteor, & Totem.

9 rounds of match play in groups of 3 or 4 players. The scoring will be 7/5/3/1.
Top 12 participants (if we have 24 or more players) will go to playoffs, with 1 bye round for the top 4. If we have 16 or more, but less than 24 players, only the top 8 will go to playoffs and there will be no bye rounds.

Playoffs will be head to head, best 2/3. The higher seed gets first choice of machine or playing order. The loser of the 1st game and of subsequent games will have that choice. Losers will play out 5-8th place, and 3-4th place respectively in a 1 game match.

Ties to get into the playoffs will be broken by highest number of wins, followed by highest number of 2nd places in qualification rounds. If still tied, there will be a 1-game tiebreaker on Doodlebug.

Ties for playoff seed will be broken in a similar same way, except that we will flip a coin to determine seed instead of playing out an actual tiebreaker.

Start time: Saturday, March 24th, at 2 PM sharp. Register from 1:30 PM.
Cost to enter: $10 + coin drop

Wpprs: Yes!

Prize money to the top 8 finishers.

1st place 30%
2nd place 25%
3rd place 20%
4th place 10%
5th place 8%
6th place 4%
7th place 2%
8th place 1%

$20 Bounty to the player with the highest Doodlebug score during the day (From 2 PM until the end of the tournament. Must be verified by tournament official.)


Slam Tilt Cancer! February 24th at Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose. This is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. For much more info, go here.


Thursdays at The Myriad – My So Called 90’s Pinball Tournament, hosted by Russ and Shannon, these are very casual, fun tournaments starting at 7:30 PM. 2175 Market St, San Francisco. Beginner friendly!


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Other Bay Area Leagues

Bay Area Pinball Association, BAPA

Capitol Corridor Pinball League, CCPL

East Bay Pinball League, EBP

Belles & Chimes. An Oakland league for women only.

More pinball

To learn more about the international pinball community, and to check your world ranking, go to IFPA’s website!

Another main source of tutorials, rule sheets, and more is PAPA.

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