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Upcoming SFPD pinball events

Wednesday, August 16th, @ The Matrix in Cow Hollow. PLAY FOR World Pinball Player Ranking Points!

*No entry fee.

*Qualifying starts at 7 PM.

*Players will have take the best score from 2 attempts on each machine (Star Wars Pro & Dracula). Both best scores will be added up to find who the top 4 players are.

*Top 4 players with the most points go head-to-head.

*1st 100pts, 2nd 95 pts, 3rd 92 pts, 4th 91

Aperol & Campari Drink Specials!

Prizes for the Top 4!

Shot & Beer Specials!

Organized by Christian Clark, manager at The Matrix.


Sunday, August 27th, 12:00 PM, @ The Myriad. FOR DOGS’ SAKE. This tournament will benefit The Grateful Dogs rescue in San Francisco. Half of the entry fee will go to the charity, and half to the prize pot. The tournament should be over by 6 or 7 PM.

Registration opens at 11:30 AM. 

Cost: $20

Format: We’re trying the new feature on MatchPlay, progressive strikes! We play groups of 3 or 4 players on 1 game in each round. The winner of a game gets no strike, 2nd place gets 1 strike, 3rd place gets 2 strikes, and 4th place gets 3 strikes. When a players gets 10 strikes, they are out! Winner will be the last player standing who does not have 10 strikes.
General pairings will be Swiss, and machines are balanced.

Prize money to the top 4 finishers.

1st place 40%

2nd place 30%

3rd place 20%

4th place 10%

The Myriad will also sponsor with various food and drink vouchers. Come help a dog out!



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Other Bay Area Leagues

Bay Area Pinball Association, BAPA

Capitol Corridor Pinball League, CCPL

East Bay Pinball League, EBP

Belles & Chimes. An Oakland league for women only.

More pinball

To learn more about the international pinball community, and to check your world ranking, go to IFPA’s website!

Another main source of tutorials, rule sheets, and more is PAPA.

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