March 16, 2020

Spring 2020 Canceled

It is with tremendous regret that we announce WE MUST CANCEL THE REMAINDER OF THE SPRING 2020 SFPD SEASON. As most of you know, the CDC has recommended limiting gatherings of greater than 50 people...


November 13, 2019

Season 14 playoffs machines

A Division machines Attack from Mars Total Nuclear Annihilation Cactus Canyon Spiderman Jurassic Park Stern Lord of the Rings Deadpool Talse of the Arabian Nights Wheel of Fortune Monster Bash...


September 24, 2019

Mid-season update

Already halfway through Season 14! Our season is moving fast and furious on a compressed schedule with some seriously competitive pinball! We have had only one perfect score, courtesy of Roland...


August 6, 2019

2019 Fall Season Starts

Hi, there, pinballer! (And welcome back, Pinburghers!) On behalf of the SFPD Commission—Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, Derek Lipkin, Russ Sweetser, and me, Maura Devereux—I’d like to welcome you...