Mid-season update

September 24, 2019 by Maura

Already halfway through Season 14! Our season is moving fast and furious on a compressed schedule with some seriously competitive pinball! We have had only one perfect score, courtesy of Roland Nadeau. Competition has been made even more fierce with some strong performances from rookies Jared Garvey and Tom Miller. Think it’ll ease up in the second half of the season? In the SFPD? Yeah, right!

This seems like a good time to remind everyone about the SFPD Spirit Award! Is there someone who you always want in your group? Who always brings a positive vibe, win or lose? We want to know about them! You can give your nominations to any of the officials: Zac W, Darren, Andreas, Derek, Maura, Russ, Nate, or Eli, or you can nominate via email to sfpins@sfpins.org. And, oh yeah... there will be pizza.