2019 Fall Season Starts

August 6, 2019 by Maura

Hi, there, pinballer! (And welcome back, Pinburghers!) On behalf of the SFPD Commission—Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, Derek Lipkin, Russ Sweetser, and me, Maura Devereux—I’d like to welcome you to the opening of Season 14. While this is the first season of the post-Per era, our goal is to continue his legacy of high-quality gameplay—and even higher quality FUN— for which SFPD has always been known.

Getting Started

Exciting! Round 1 will be tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7, 2019, at 7:30 pm. Note: There will be pizza! Please remember: No guests for Rounds 1 and 10. Please make sure you have your chip in the bag no later than 7:30 so that we can start playing on time. (Rookies: As you likely have no idea what that means, please arrive by 7:15 and meet one of the Commissioners at the front desk to mark your attendance.)


Whoa! For Season 14, we welcome eight rookies: Brett Gibson, Christian Stiger, Evan Ponchick, Jared Garvey, Nick Yahnke, Noah Garrett Wallach, Tom Miller, and Will Musat! Some are very familiar faces in the Bay Area Pinball community; others may be less so. As always, please be gracious to our rookies, as well as our guests. And certainly feel free to offer tips and assistance, when needed. Fairness and friendliness keep our competitive league fun for all!


Attention! If you are friends with any waitlisters, tell them to fear not! New this season: We will begin adding people off the waitlist mid-season should any current members indicate that they will leave SFPD before the end of Season 14. While the missed league nights will be reflected for IFPA purposes, these mid-season folks will get full SFPD bragging rights. That waitlist can be brutal! We’re doing what we can to keep it moving.

League Nights

Wow! With some of our most experienced officials (Jeff-f-f-Fehervari and Brian O’Neill) and game testers (Allison O’Neill) retiring from those positions, we put out a call for fresh blood. Well, that call has been answered! Eli Schleifer will join veterans Darren Ensley, Zac Wollons, Andreas, Derek, Russ, and Maura as an official, while Roland Nadeau and Das D’amico will join Louise Wagensonner and Kevin Montgomery as game testers, to help ensure YOU get the most out of league nights. Thanks for stepping up, friends!

New Officials, Game Testers

Hey! You may recall that there was much discussion as to how many league nights we would have this season. By popular demand, we settled on a calendar with 10 league nights. But please note that, unlike previous seasons, which had league nights roughly every other week, this season’s schedule has roughly two weeks on at a time, with one-week breaks between. As always, please check sfpins.org for the most current information on our schedule.


It takes a lot to run SFPD! While we have divided many of the duties between us, the Commissioners have decided to run league nights with a “rotating TD” system. For each league night, one of the four Commissioners will be TD, charged with communicating messages, announcements, and updates to attendees, as well as being the ultimate SFPD authority for any rulings referred to them by officials. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can come to any of the Commissioners or officials, either in person or via email, at sfpins@sfpins.org.

Welcome to Season 14! See you Wednesday at Free Gold Watch!

Best, The Commissioners