Looking Ahead to 2021

December 2, 2020 by Maura

Friends! No surprise to anyone: With the ‘rona still raging, our Spring 2021 season is officially canceled. Curses and more curses to 2021!

Pulse Check

Well! That cancellation gives us more than a year of involuntary hiatus from SFPD. And we, your Commissioners, figured this would be good time to check in with you all about how your feeling about our hopeful return to Free Gold Watch.

To that end, you will find a link to a survey in your email inbox or on Slack! Of course, the survey is voluntary, and your responses are confidential. But it would really help us to have your honest feelings on our current situation, to help us understand how you all feel about returning to competitive pinball.

Parting Thoughts

What has always set the San Francisco Pinball Department apart from other leagues and tournaments in the Bay Area is the fact that playing at Free Gold Watch has allowed for a huge, boisterous crowd on Wednesday nights. It won’t be the SFPD until we can all play together again. We cannot and will not proceed with league competition until the San Francisco Department of Public Health allows for unrestricted indoor gatherings. Not only will it be more fun that way, but that will ensure the most stringent safety standards.

But while we cannot plan to begin a full season in January, we know that leaves a lot of time until the start of a traditional fall season. You all are going to want to play! Thus, whether in our survey or just by email to sfpins@sfpins.org, we would love to hear any suggestions you might have about how to feed the pinball jones until our next season starts. When the tournaments (safely) start up again, we will promote the living heck out of them!


Bye! Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to the Commissioners via email, at sfpins@sfpins.org.

Thanks for sticking with us, SFPD. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best, The Commissioners