Festivus results, 1/25/2015

The first tournament of the year at FGW ran very smoothly mostly thanks to the new software MatchPlay, created by SFPD’s own Andreas. It allows the organizer to add players even after the start of the tournament, which has been a gripe with Brackelope for example. If someone has to leave early, it has the option of deactivating that player as well, which is a simple yet great feature. Therefore, a huge thanks goes out to Andreas, who also doubled as score keeper and official! Potential organizers should go to Matchplay.events for more info.

Now, to the tournament itself. 38 players showed up despite the fact that the PAPA circuit event INDISC was going on in Southern California. This is a very positive sign that competitive pinball is still on the rise in the Bay Area. Thanks to everyone who came out to play, I hope you’ll come back next time (and bring a friend too!).

We played 10 rounds of head to head qualifying matches, after which the top 8 players moved on to the playoffs. There was a 7-way tie for 7th place, so a nerve wrecking tiebreaker had to be held on Captain Fantastic to sort out the field.

In the playoffs, it was best 2/3 matches where the higher seed got to pick the first machine/playing order. Once the dust had settled, Andrei stood at the top of the Festivus pole, while Jeremy took second place.

What was really rewarding was seeing 5 newcomers to tournament pinball show up. Two of them were oh so close of making it to the playoffs even! Congrats on your performance and we hope to see you again.

Complete results below. (Place, name, IFPA number)

(The IFPA wants it in this format where the ties are the average of the involved players.)

1,Andrei Massenkoff,53
2,Jeremy Williams,14560
3,Robin Lassonde ,25696
4,Echa Schneider,13275
5,Hal Erickson,1531
6,Eric Wagensonner,8855
7,James Squires,10751
8,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
11,Josh Lehan,536
11,Dominic DiPalantino,null
11,Elise Nabors,null
11,Craig Okruhlica,20981
11,Shon Dolcini,15943
18,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
18,Chris Gershtein,2753
18,Chris Lindboe,12217
18,Darren Ensley,12117
18,David Joud,8851
18,Ellen Frankel,5233
18,Jaime Uziel ,29804
18,Louise Wagensonner,19305
18,Tony Urso,22189
23,Alex Pierson,17659
24,Alex Samonte,91
24,Eugene Gershtein,3532
24,Matt Henri,16767
24,Maura Devereux,25487
24,Rob Coli,19300
24,Ron Richards,19309
30,Dave Hermanas,22577
31,Jason Rosenberg ,29807
31,Jessie Reid ,null
31,Marti Leann Brass,22178
31,Rolf Skar,null
36,Lisa Ramon ,26698
36,Peter Williams US,25494
38,Andy Steinhauser,23707


Round 2

Round 2 saw 67 members and 7 guests grace the grounds of FreeGoldWatch. Perfect nights were had by James and Michael J (One of 4 Michael’s in the league. 5 if you count Mickey!).

Former member, now guest playing, Ryan H, had a strong 33 points to propel himself to the top of the standings. Congrats Ryan!

Jay also posted a 33, while E-Wag & Chris L both had 31’s.

Remember our open tournament on Sunday, 1/25, at 2 PM. Only 5 bucks to enter! More info here.

Next league round will be on February 11th.

Season 5 Opener!


Maura can usually be seen in the vicinity of Who Dunnit. This time in the company of Jody!


67 members and 6 guests came down to FGW to play round 1 of the 2015 Spring league. It was great to see old friends again, as well as many new faces. New for this season is that we play 5 machines per night. As it turned out, all but 5 groups were done by 9:30, so it’s probably a keeper!

Andrei ended last season on top of the standings, and he kept that up by having a perfect night of 35 points. Not to be outdone, Zac equaled our champion for a share of the lead. Other high rollers were Jeremy, Josh L, and guest Brian H. with 31 points.

See you on January 21st!

Hey Andy, where's the score card dude?
Hey Andy, where’s the score card dude?


pinball2015_0001f pinball2015_0004f pinball2015_0005f pinball2015_0006f pinball2015_0009f

City Champ III

39 players made up the field in this year’s City Champ. The format was knockout, 4 strikes Swiss, meaning that once you lost your 4th match, you were out! Players were matched up against players with similar records throughout the day, which meant that nobody had an easy path to the final rounds. The 3 players duking it out in the end were Tim H, Andrei M, & Aaron N (all ranked in the IFPA top 60).

The penultimate game was played on Tron. Tim could clinch the title by winning the game, but didn’t put up big numbers. Aaron had to win to stay alive and put up a monster score of 100 million on his second ball. Andrei, who was playing before Aaron, had 34 million after his 2nd ball, but came back with a vengeance. After the dust had settled, his score was 122 million which Aaron couldn’t beat. And to the final table they went…

In a winner take all match on WCS, Andrei went first and showed his skill by putting up 1.7 billion and change. Tim had a decent game, but had to settle for 2nd place. City Champion for the 3rd straight year: Andrei Massenkoff!

Gene’s time lapse video: https://vimeo.com/114531707


Results Main:

1 Andrei M

2 Tim H

3 Aaron N
4 Hal E
5 James S
6 Chris H
7 Andreas H
8 Darren E
9 Eric W
10 Gene X H
11 Josh L
12 Brian O
12 Eugene G
12 Per S
12 Chris G
16 Alex S
16 Jeff F
16 Walter H
16 Ron R
16 Michael M
16 Damien C
22 Louise W
22 Jeremy W
22 Allison O
22 Andrew B
22 Joshua M
22 Peter W
28 Robin L
28 Chris L
28 Aaron S
28 Russ S
28 Clinton C
33 Zac W
33 Jay G
33 Matt H
33 Bella G
37 Nikolai M
37 David J
37 Matt W


Andrei jumps

Andrei is displaying his unique jump shot. Maybe the Warriors should draft him?


Aaron Tron

Aaron excelled on Tron



Tim Tron

Bay Area Champ Tim H!



Father & son Williams.



Massenkoff Sr. sang the anthem.





2014 Fall playofffs!

And so it came to pass, that the top 45 players of the San Francisco Pinball Dept. gathered on the 7th of December 2014, to compete for the ball and chain trophy.


After a long and hard fought battle, Andrei threepeated as league champion, defeating James in the finals. James won their first game on White Water, followed by and Andrei win on The Addams Family. The deciding game was Paragon of all games! After a quick battle, Andrei prevailed, and would later raise the B&C for his victory. Zac defeated Jeremy for third place. Thanks to Jeff F for running the show!





In the B-playoffs, Matt W took top honors by defeating John L in the finals. The bronze match went to Mickey after winning over Tony.




The C-division was run by Jessica R, who also managed to get herself into the finals! Nate R proved to be too tough to beat and claimed the champion plaque. Eddie ousted Walter in the match for 3rd place.





Rookie of the year, Jaime!

The award for most improved player went to Erin, who improved 34 spots compared to last season.


Jessica & Helene are figuring things out. It ain't easy running a tournament.
Jessica & Helene are figuring things out. It ain’t easy running a tournament.


Zac & Louise
Zac & Louise








Nate the great!
Nate the great!


T-Ron in action!
T-Ron in action!


Round 10



The final regular season round brought on some excitement for those on the playoff bubble. 61 people showed up, and Eric and Andreas stepped up big time to run the show in Per’s Fleetwood Mac induced absence. Thanks guys!

Zac (ZRW) ended the season with a perfect 18 points, while Allison and Tony both finished with a strong 16.5 points.

Matt had finished his last very cool design for our members only hoodies and shirts and everyone who had ordered got their merch!

Sunday is playoff time! Remember to check in by 1:30PM if you are playing. If you aren’t qualified for the playoffs, you are most welcome to come down and have fun nevertheless.

Dates for the 2015 spring season:

January 7th, 21st.

February 4th, 18th.

March 4th, 18th.

April 1st, 15th, 29th.

May 6th, 9th (playoffs).



pinball2014_1953f pinball2014_1955f






Round 9

The penultimate round brought in 61 members and 4 guests. Leader Andrei extended his lead by another perfect round of 18 points. Guest Aaron tallied an impressive 16.5 pts, as did Gene X. Rob C had his best night of the season with 15.5 points.

Only one round to go to determine who gets into the playoffs!

We've got some artists in our midst!
We’ve got some artists in our midst!


Ma, I can't talk right now, I have to play Scorpion!
Ma, I can’t talk right now, I have to play Scorpion!


If you like wide bodies, FGW is your port of call. There’s even a Paragon next to Scorpion now. Check out Bowen’s excellent tutorial to learn the ins and outs of this awesome game.

Nate the Great is putting his moves to the test against CLU.
Nate the Great is putting his moves to the test against CLU.


The man, the myth, the legend. But who is who?
The man, the myth, the legend. But who is who?


Flor it!
Flor it!


Sally & Matt. See you at Oracle Matt...Yay.
Sally & Matt. See you at Oracle Matt…Yay.


Hey, what's under here?
Hey, what’s under here?


Our most frequent guest, Andy M!
Our most frequent guest, Andy M!


See you December 3rd!
See you December 3rd!