Round 8


A season low 60 (which still is pretty damn great for a Wednesday evening) people showed up for league night. The best scores of the evening were:

Rob C – 33

Josh L & Tony – 31

Zac, Per, & Eric R – 29

Leann, Matt W, & Ryan H – 27


This is the top 10 in the 2nd wppr race, (which is comprised of rounds 6-10) if my math is correct:

Zac 85

Per 81
Tony 81

Andreas 75
Chris H 75
Brian O 75
Rob C 75

Darren 73
Mike M 73
Josh L 73





If you have ever wondered about our long standing member Darren, and what he might be up to on other nights, well, wonder no more! Apparently he’s an accomplished, long haired musician who can be found tickling the ivories in various bars of the City.  Thanks to Flor for breaking the story.

Pinball Darren
Pinball Darren
Piano Darren
Piano Darren

*Update! As I was walking on Chestnut Street this morning, my jaw dropped as I saw Piano Darren in the flesh! And he was wearing the same shirt as in the picture. For the record, he completely ignored me.




Round 7

Flipper Fuel!
Flipper Fuel!

69 players (60 members + 9 guests) came out to play on a beautiful spring night. Notable scores were had by guest player and provider of fine beverages Aaron, with 33. Andrei had a strong round of 32, while KevMo, Dave H, & Per all had 31’s. Dave is having himself quite a season and is flirting with A-division playoffs. E-Wag had 25 points, and they were all 2nd place finishes! I don’t know that it’s been done before in a 4-player group.

In the rookie race, Mike M is tearing it up and he is laying claim to the #6 overall spot for the time being. Dominic D is in the #14 spot, just 6 points behind.

My non scientific prediction has the cutoffs for the playoffs as follows:

A-Division: 203 points

B-Division: 181 points

C-Division: 149 points



Pizza! (Thanks Allison...)
Pizza! (Thanks Allison…)





Brian thinks





Round 6

After a 3 week break, we resumed the action at our favorite hangout, FGW. 62 members and 10 guests made up the field, and after the dust had settled, a perfect score had been posted. The guilty party was Jeff F-f-f-f-f, who jumped into playoff contention with his 35 points. Zac continued his strong play with a strong 33, which propelled him to the top of the standings. The O’Neills combined for 60 points, with Brian going for 31, and Allison for 29. Other 29’s was had by Chris H, Richard L, & and Scott B.

Round 5


Double upside down hockey sticks!  That’s how many people showed up to play organized pinball a night in March.

While the Warriors disposed of the Bucks, the final round of the first half of the season took place. Many wppr points were at stake, and in the end Andrei, who had 33 points on the night,  took home the lion’s share of them.  Jeremy, who had a perfect 35 point night, came oh so close. Allison & Rob C had 33 points, while Lianna, Zac, & Andy had 31 points.

Noteworthy is also that we had a record 11 guests visiting us.









March Radness results


39 people came to FGW to play in the first annual March Radness tournament. The format was head to head match play Swiss-style, after an initial slaughter style first round, which was based on IFPA rankings.

After the 10 rounds of qualifying, Zac was top seed with 8 wins. 6 wins was the minimum to get into the A-division playoffs. We also ran B and C-division playoffs.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a great event. Special thanks to the score keepers and officials who did an outstanding job.

Do the Walt(z)er!
Do the Walt(z)er!


Everything is easier with MatchPlay!
Everything is easier with MatchPlay!

Here are the results as submitted to the IFPA:

1,Hal Erickson,1531
2,Aaron Nelson,2922
3,Darren Ensley,12117
4,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
5,Mark Birsching,14319
6,David Joud,8851
7,Zac Wollons,21965
8,Matt Willmarth,10662
9,Jaime Uziel ,298049
10,Walter Hurwitz,2767
11,Rob Coli,19300
12,Jeremy Williams,14560

13,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
14,Nate Robinson,25465
15,Dominic DiPalantino,null
16,Robin Lassonde ,25696
17,Shon Dolcini,15943
18,Tom Collins,12378
19,Gene X Hwang,13052
20,Kevin Montgomery,25464
21,Russ Sweetser,19312
22,Chris Lindboe,12217
23,Josh Lehan,536
24,Craig Okruhlica,20981
25,Tony Urso,22189
26,Ron Richards,19309
26,Ellen Frankel,5233
28,Louise Wagensonner,19305
29,Joshua Maes,17147
30,Greg Rivas,null
31,Allison ONeill,19302
32,Brian ONeill,19301
33,Dave Hermanas,22577
34,Kevin Ritchie ,null
35,Courtney Hermanas,null
36,Eric Raymond,25457
37,Sally Sparks,19426
38,Echa Schneider,13275
39,Lisa Ramon ,26698


B division results:

1. Tony U

2. Russ S

3. Dominic D & Shon D

5. Craig, Nate R, Kevin M, Robin L


C division results:

1. Dave H

2. Courtney H

3. Ron R

4. Eric R














Round 4

While Gene is away on fun and games, we’ll have to make do without photographic evidence of our beloved league. Almost. John L was demoing a new video game and I happened to be there with my camera handy when Jon S tried on the goggles.

Billy Gibbons?
Billy Gibbons in the house!

The round saw what will surely be a permanent fixture, beer on tap! Courtesy of Aaron, guest player and beer monger extraordinaire. 72 players (66+6) enjoyed themselves and the brew.

The aforementioned Aaron posted the best round with 33 points, followed by Rob C & Per with 31. Everyone named Matt had 29 points along with KevMo, Mike M, & Jeremy.

Remember Echa’s tournament Alpha Flip on Saturday, 2/21 in Emeryville for beginners only. If you are ranked 3000 or lower by the ifpa, you can participate! Prize for best woman finisher! And there’s coffee!

Also, don’t forget the next tournament at FGW, March Radness, on Sunday March 1st.








This year’s City Champ, to be held December 12-13th, will be part of the PAPA Circuit. This is a great opportunity for the SFPD to host players from around the country. Volunteers needed! Contact Per if you want to help out.

Round 3

We set a new record in round 3! 76 players (72 member + 4 guests) attended a night that felt like a homecoming party since it had been 3 weeks since round 2.

Chris Harkins led the night with 33 points, followed by 3 players with 31 points. They were: Andrei, Andreas, & Shon.

We were also visited by Kimberly Blum and her film crew. She is putting together a documentary about women in pinball. We wish her the best and are hoping that she will come back and screen it for us when it is done.

After league play had ended, loud outbursts of uncontrolled laughter could be heard from the back area, where Black Pyramid is located. One look confirmed the notion that Matt H is a multi talented man.

Part man - part monkey. This would explain Matt's proficiency at Congo.
Part man – part monkey. This would explain Matt’s proficiency at Congo.


California State Championship

The IFPA counted all the points you have earned in California during 2014, and the 16 top earners duked it out in a single elimination tournament on Sunday 2/7. Each match was best of 7, and many matches went the full distance. This year, the championship was held at the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda. State representatives Jim Belsito and Damien Charléty prepared the machines to play very hard. For example, the tilt settings were extremely tight on all the games, and many of the outlanes were as big as possible.

The SFPD was well represented, and in the end, two of them made it all the way to the final four. Jeff Fehervari beat out Pinburgh champion Belsito on his way to the semifinals in a best of 7 nail biter. Once in the semis, he took a 2-0 lead on Andrei Massenkoff, but then Andrei won 4 straight to make it to the finals. Karl DeAngelo also took a 2-0 lead on Andrei, but the story from the semis repeated itself. Our new state champion: Andrei Massenkoff from the SFPD!