Monday Messages

  • Reminder that Gene’s selfie league for February is coming to an end. Hurry up and get your scores in before midnight on Tuesday, 2/28!
  • If you want to know where and when the Bay Area tournaments are, check out Echa’s website.
  • Not strictly pinball related, but nevertheless, our cook in residence, Vanessa, is hosting a supper in the Sunset on March 5th.

Round 4

Another night, another record. 83 pinball playing folks showed up for league this time around!

We gave Tony’s Slice House a shot, and except for GrubHubs botching of instructions to bring plates and napkins, it was a hit according to many members.

Next round will be on March 8th. See you!


Wanna bring your pooch with you when you shop for groceries? Not a problem, here’s a cart just for that! (Airfare to Italy not included.)

Round 3

Round 3 saw 77 players come through the door to FGW. Unfortunately I missed the round due to a pizza eating tour, but I’m sure plenty of fun was had!

Human is regulation size.


See you for round 4 on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd!

Round 2

A new attendance record for the SFPD was set with 81 people coming to have fun at FGW! Thank you to all participants for making this such a fun event.

Long time members Eric and Louise were nice enough to come by with the newest member of the pinball family: Daniel!


The new playoff format is now decided upon, and it’s visible under the Rules tab.

Next round is on February 8th!

Round 1

78 players came out for the season 9 opener! It was great fun to see so many new faces (we have 11 rookies this season) and to have a fun time playing pinball again. The big news for the season is that we now don’t use a random draw anymore. Instead, the setting on the MatchPlay software is “balanced”, which means that it tries to pair you with people that you have not previously played before during the season. In theory, you could play 30 different players (10 rounds x 3 players) during the season! Thanks to Andreas for implementing this in MP. I think it’ll make the league better.

I’m still working on the playoff format, but it’s coming together. For a sneak preview, go to the rules tab and scroll down.

If you are curious as to when pizza will be served, go to the schedule tab!

See you on Jan 25th!

My name is Peter Pan and when I grow up I will NEVER play other people’s extra balls…

The 2016 Winter Series Results

After playing nearly flawless pinball, Brian O’Neill claimed the title of champion of the Winter Series. Well played Brian!


Full results:

1,Brian O’Neill,19301
2,Andrei Massenkoff,53
3,Eric Wagensonner,8855
4,Per Schwarzenberger,12220
5,Tony Urso,22189
6,Zac Wollons,21965
7,Robin Lassonde ,25696
8,Louise Wagensonner,19305

9,Das DAmico,39717
10,James Frost-Winn,35952
11,Allison O’Neill,19302
12,Jeremy Herrman,22175
12,Darren Ensley,12117
12,Aaron Nelson,2922
12,Rob Coli,19300
16,Tim Juchcinski,11613
17,Derek Lipkin ,33048
18,Jonathan Snyder,38322
19,Cameron Dale,48204
19,Frank Salim
21,Alexander Marks,48202
22,Jeff Kilgore
23,Matthew Henri,16767
23,Daylene Langum,45061
23,Ryan Hess,22573
26,Jay Goldlist,22195
27,Zack Desario,44053
28,Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen,15925
29,Janel Valdez,45062
30,Mohammad Shamma,48205
31,Eric Raymond,25457
32,Colin Davis
33,Gene X Hwang,13052
34,Carter Davis
34,Lisa Ramon ,26698


City Champ 5

This year’s City Champ will take place December 17-18th at FreeGoldWatch! For more information, go here, or click the City Champ link slightly up and right from this text.


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