Pingolfish at last!

Remember in July when we were supposed to play pingolf? It never happened because other things got in the way, but it has now been rescheduled for Sunday, October 19th, at 2PM. Where? At FGW of course, where dreams come alive. More info to follow later in the fall.

Most popular machines

Machine Games played
Demolition Man 11
Attack From Mars 8
Twilight Zone 8
Addams Family 7
Cactus Canyon 7
Star Trek 7
Wizard of Oz 7
Road Show 6
Terminator 3 6
White Water 6
Black Pyramid 5
Congo 5
Jokerz 5
Medieval Madness 5
Black Knight 2000 4
Dirty Harry 4
Embryon 4
Star Wars Episode 1 4
WHO Dunnit 4
Firepower 3
NBA Fastbreak 3
World Cup Soccer 3
Centaur 2
Old Chicago 2
Police Force 2
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
X-Men 2
Captain Fantastic 1
Playboy 1
Rollergames 1
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World 1

Round 2

Round 2 saw 64 members & 3 guests come in. Our inaugural champ James recently came into possession of his own machine, and the added practice must have helped as he logged a perfect 18 point round. Darren also came away with 18 points which propelled him up to 4th place in the standings. Erin, Devon, and rookie Jengis had good nights with 16.5 points apiece.

Andreas still sits on top of the standings with 31 points, followed by Andrei and Chris H.

Next round will be played August 20th.



Most popular games in round #1

In seasons past, we have played 16 or less games per meeting, but this season the number of different machines played will reach new highs. Here is a list of the most popular game choices from round 1. The big question is, who picked Mushroom World?

On a sour note, our friends at Gestalt are reporting that their pins have been shut down by the city government until they can get the permits needed. FOR PINBALL! Aargh! This of course means that the tournament that was scheduled for Aug. 5th will be postponed until further notice. Bummer.



And they’re off!

The fall premiere went beyond expectations as far as how the new rules were welcomed by the members.

Player’s choice seemed to be a hit, speeding up play by cutting down waiting times considerably. Paired with the new scorekeeping app designed by Andreas, we have SFPD 2.0 on our hands.

Sammy and Andreas took top honors with perfect 18 point nights. Well played guys, you are really on the ball!

Feel free to comment and make suggestions on how to make the league better.

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