Wall of Fame

2022 Fall Season

A DivisionAndreiDan D.Eric W.Derek L.
B DivisionJaime U.Russ S.Kevin M.Justin G.
C DivisionBennett S.Shannon S.Nicole C.Tim H.

Rookie of the season: Dan Dempsey
Most improved player: Chris Lindboe
Spirit award: Andy Steinhauser

2022 Spring Season

A DivisionAndreiGabeJaredGene
B DivisionDarrenDavid D.SammyMaura
C DivisionAndyShannon D.EddieChris L.

Rookie of the season: Bennett
Most improved player: Adrian
Spirit award: Jeremy H.

2021 Fall Season

A DivisionGabeJaredLukeLeslie
B DivisionNateLouiseMatt H.Ryan W.
C DivisionAdrianMatt W.AnishRichard

Rookie of the season: Leslie
Most improved player: Yorick
Spirit award: Anish

2019 Fall season

A DivisionMike M.Jeremy H.AndreiGabe
B DivisionTony U.Jaime U.MickeyYorick
C DivisionBridgetHeleneJake W.Carlo

Rookie of the season: Jared G.
Most improved player: Andy S.
Spirit award: Jaime U.

2019 Spring season

A DivisionLukePerGabeAllison
B DivisionGene XJeremy W.Andy S.Rob C.
C DivisionYorickHeleneSammyScott B.

Rookie of the season: Luke
Most improved player: Mikey Lee
Spirit award: Jessica J. T.

2018 Fall season

A DivisionAndreiTonyZacEric W.
B DivisionGene XRyan B.MickeyKevin
C DivisionEllenJamesHeleneTim J.

Rookie of the season: Janel
Most improved player: Jake

2018 Spring season

A DivisionBrian O.Alex P.AndreiPer
B DivisionLouiseJayRyan B.Rob C.
C DivisionForrestGeneleAnishSusy M.

Rookie of the season: Das
Most improved player: Andreas

2017 Fall season

A DivisionAllisonAndreiMike M.Darren
B DivisionJaimeRob C.MickeyMatt H.
C DivisionEmilyRichard L.Christian G.Genele

Rookie of the season: Chris He.
Most improved player: Andy

2017 Spring season

A DivisionAndreiAaronBrian O.Josh
B DivisionJayRobinEric R.Darren
C DivisionNateAlex P.EddieTim H.

Rookie of the season: Jessica L.
Most improved player: Matt W.

2016 Fall season

A DivisionAndreiTonyBrian O.Mike M.
B DivisionAllisonGene XDarrenDominic
C DivisionJake W.HeleneCarloAnish

Rookie of the season: Gabe
Most improved player: Mike M.

2016 Spring season

A DivisionPerRobinAndreiJames
B DivisionAaronJeremy W.JaySammy
C DivisionAllisonJohn La.Richard L.Mike H.

Rookie of the season: Ellen
Most improved player: Flor

2015 Fall season

A DivisionAndreiPerEric W.John L.
B DivisionShonChris H.Josh L.Jeremy W.
C DivisionScott B.Jack M.JanisMickey

Rookie of the season: Robin
Most improved player: Randy

2015 Spring season

A DivisionTonyJamesAndreasAndrei
B DivisionMatt H.Chris L.Scott B.Sammy
C DivisionJessica R.TimNate R.Eddie

Rookie of the season: Mike M.
Most improved player: Dave H.

2014 Fall season

A DivisionAndreiJamesZac W.Jeremy W.
B DivisionMatt W.John L.MickeyTony
C DivisionNate R.Jessica R.EddieWalter

Rookie of the season: Jaime
Most improved player: Erin

2014 Spring season

A DivisionAndreiPerMickeyDarren
Flip OffsZac W.EchaErinJon D.

Rookie of the season: Andy
Most improved player: Jon D.

2013 Fall season

A DivisionAndreiJamesMatt W.Daniel
Flip OffsChris H.Jeff F.Gene XJay

2013 Spring season

A DivisionJamesEric W.Jeremy W.Andrei