About SFPD

So, how does it work?

We’re open to anyone who enjoys playing pinball in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Our home is at Free Gold Watch on 1767 Waller St. The season consists of 10 regular season meetings followed by playoffs. Play two seasons per year, Spring and Fall and meet roughly every other Wednesday (see Schedule).

We keep score and report the standings to the IFPA for world ranking points. Only players who participate in at least 40% of our meetings (4) will be submitted to the IFPA (as per their rules). League points are earned on a set scale throughout the season. See the rules for details.

Joining SFPD

See: Joining SFPD.

Playing as a guest

If there is space you are welcome to play as a guest at an SFPD league night. The cost for playing as a guest is $10/night. We take a maximum of 10 guests per round, but if 80 or more members show up, we will not be able to accommodate guests. Guests are limited to no more than four visits each season.

If you would like to play as a guest you must show up in person and register between 7:00PM and 7:20PM! If you arrive later we cannot accommodate you. Rounds 1 and 10 are only open to members and you cannot play as a guest.

FOR FALL 2021 SEASON: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, guests will not be permitted to join league nights for this season.


League founder and commissioner emeritus
Current commissioners
Maura, Derek, Russ, Andreas
Andreas, Darren, Derek, Eli, Eric W., Maura, Nate R., Zac W.
Game testers
Das, Kevin, Louise, Roland